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Why this Website?

To foster the German language with children from a German-speaking background living abroad.

  • you will find general information about learning German with children while living abroad
  • we offer a list with German materials for you to downland
  • the list is researched and updated yearly


Who do we want to reach?

Families, relatives and others with a German-speaking background wishing to maintain the German language with children while living abroad.

What will you find?

  • German materials for childen in Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary school 
  • Playgroups and other German language groups / associations
  • German schools abroad and libraries

    How to live the German language at home?

    • speak German as much as possible, your children will understand more than you think​
    • read and tell German stories, play games and encourage your child to join in
    • borrow books from the library, from  people in you community, get second hand books or go online
    • set up playdates with other families, join a German playgroup or meet up in groups with similar goals
    • sing German songs, listen to German music and stories
    • combine a hobby or interest with German  learning, ask your child what they are interested in and let it participate in the preparations 
    • watch German films or television programs
    • participate in activities offered by the local German, Swiss or Austrian clubs such as: traditional celebrations for Easter and Christmas, Fasnacht/Karneval, Laternenumzug, St. Niklaus or national day celebrations

    FUN THINGS done in German will create a positive association with the language

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    Latest news 

    For regular news and descriptions of German materials follow us on Facebook or sign up to receive the collected posts in a quarterly newsletter.

    The German material list is well researched and updated once a year. Contact us if you have suggestions.

    – The next list is scheduled for winter 2020 –

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